Black Male Institute: 10th Annual Think Tank Looks at “Intersections of Blackness”

Speakers include Samarah Blackmon, BMI associate director, and Kimberlé Crenshaw, UCLA Distinguished Professor of Law, May 3.

The 10th annual Black Male Institute Think Tank will be held on May 3, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., at UCLA’s De Neve Plaza. This year’s theme, “Examining Intersections of Blackness: Education, Law, Community, and Society.” Speakers include Kimberlé Crenshaw, Distinguished Professor of Law and founder and executive director, AAPF; Samarah Blackmon, associate director, BMI, and founder and director of JANRAH; and Bianca Haro, graduate student researcher, BMI. This event is presented by the Black Male Institute at UCLA and the African American Policy Forum, which was founded by Professor Crenshaw.

Samarah Blackmon, associate director of the Black Male Institute, helped to establish the BMI courses Blacklimated and Sister-2-Sister, aimed at increasing Black student retention at UCLA.

The BMI was founded in 2009 by Tyrone Howard, UCLA professor of education, who currently serves as its director and as the Associate Dean for Equity & Inclusion at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies. The institute is focused on concerns around equity and access for Black males in education, with the primary goal of conducting reliable research, practical interventions, and effective programs that enrich the educational experiences and life chances of Black males in the United States. UCLA undergraduate and graduate students are engaged in research on a wide range of issues within the BMI. More than 500 middle and high school students have visited the UCLA campus to participate in BMI workshops focused on preparing young Black males for college, and hundreds of educators and community members attend the annual Think Tank.

De Neve Plaza is located at 351 Charles E. Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90024. Registration is required to attend this event. To RSVP, visit this link or contact

For more information on the Black Male Institute at UCLA, visit this link.