Center for the Transformation of Schools: Conference to “Reimagine Education”

Daylong meeting of scholars, experts, and stakeholders on Nov. 9 to explore new ways to meet students' needs; community forum on Nov. 8 will start discussion.

The newly formed UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools will gather youth, education and community leaders from across sectors, the state and nation for a conference November 8 & 9 at UCLA to Reimagine Education.

The gathering kicks off on the afternoon of November 8 with a statewide youth and community forum to discuss the vision of youth leaders for an education system that can change lives and transform communities.  Participants will explore ideas to ensure that young people, regardless of race or zip code have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Thursday, November 9, the conference will tackle some of the most pressing issues confronting public education and the nation’s future. In sessions ranging from the need for public schools to more effectively respond to the needs of the students and communities impacted by the effects of poverty, injustice, and inadequate resources, to those that seek to reimagining schools and school systems, conference participants will engage in conversations to rethink ways to improve educational opportunities for all students. There is even a session to “reimagine’ school lunch with famed chef and activist Alice Waters.

A partial list of conference participants includes among others, Pedro Noguera, UCLA Distinguished Professor, Sir Ken Robinson, Educator and Author; Lily Eskelsen García, President, National Education Association; Dr. Robert Ross, President, The California Endowment; Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers; Hon. Joyce Elliott, State Senator, Arkansas, David Kirp, New York Times contributor and Professor of the Graduate School, University of California at Berkeley, Alberto Carvalho, Superintendent Miami Dade County Public Schools, Dr. Steven Webb, Superintendent of Vancouver Public Schools and other national figures in education.

To attend or for more information, visit the “Knowledge That Matters – Sudikoff Institute Public Forum” website.