Center X: “Just News” Speaks with Alhambra HS Students on Gun Violence

This week, we share a dialogue between John Rogers and students from Alhambra High School. Following the shooting in Parkland, Florida and the national walkout on March 14th, students from Jose Sanchez’ U.S. Government class began researching issues surrounding gun violence in schools. In time, the students felt compelled to take action, as Bliss Joan Tafolla-Aguirre explains: As students, we are taught to advocate for ourselves in school and in our lives. If we want progress and sincere change, then we have to be the ones to initiate it. Drawing on their study of the Declaration of Independence, the students decided to collectively state their concerns about gun violence, and suggestions for making schools safer, in the form of a public resolution. After sharing this model legislation with the school board and city council, their efforts soon caught the attention of local and national news media.  Following stories in CNN and The Hill, Congresswoman Judy Chu flew out to meet with Mr. Sanchez’ students on May 25. Although they graduated on June 1st, many of Mr. Sanchez’ students plan to collaboratively work throughout the summer, in hopes of spreading word of their resolution to students, community members, and politicians across the nation.


To read, “From Fear to Hope: Mr. Sanchez’ Period 3 U.S. Government Class at Alhambra High School,” visit the link below.

Main photo by John McDonald


From Fear to Hope: Mr. Sanchez’ Period 3 U.S. Government Class at Alhambra High School