Center X: Program for Teachers Explores Equitable Classroom Practices

Program explores how teachers' identities affect decision-making and can make changes in schools, Sept. 16-17.

Reciprocal Learning Partnerships for Equity is a framework that supports and empowers educators to explicitly identify inequitable practices in classrooms and schools and to take action that will lead to improved student outcomes.  Centering the classroom as the place to leverage change, Reciprocal Learning Partnerships for Equity builds teachers’ and school leaders’ capacity to critically reflect in partnerships; to hold equity focused conversations; and to co-construct actions to intentionally disrupt inequity.  Reciprocal learning Partnerships for Equity is a framework that purposefully creates space for equity to be the lens for participants to think about teaching, learning and leading.

UCLA Center X Reciprocal Learning Partnerships for EquitySM Facilitators will lead participants through the three-day foundational training where participants learn how to:
• Build relational trust and supportive coaching partnerships for open and authentic communication
• Explore identity and positionality and their impact on instructional practice
• Engage in participatory inquiry to identify inequity
• Utilize techniques of critical reflection to explore assumptions and biases that unconsciously shape our instructional decisions
• Exchange ideas and knowledge through reciprocal dialogue
• Co-construct, in partnership, equity actions that contribute to improved outcomes for students.

The Reciprocal Learning Partnerships for Equity facilitators support participants in learning how to engage in Participatory Inquiry.  Participatory Inquiry is a process where each person’s agency is acknowledged and both are involved in the exchange of ideas, the creation of new knowledge, the examination of perspectives and assumptions and there is a move to ACTION toward equitable outcomes for students.

Reciprocal Learning Partnerships for Equity will take place at UCLA on September 16-17 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. A follow-up day will take place at UCLA on October 7.

The fee for Reciprocal Learning Partnerships is $750 per participant; a light breakfast, lunch, and parking are included.

Visit this link to attend Reciprocal Learning Partnerships. For more information, contact LaJuana Richards, program coordinator, UCLA Institute for Cultural Sustainability and Educational Equity, by email or at (310) 206-4156, or visit this link.