Civil Rights Project: Expertise on Brown vs Board Earns National Media

The scholarly expertise of the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles at UCLA has garnered national media attention as the nation marks the 65th anniversary of Brown v Board of Education ruling that declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional.

Here is a partial list of media coverage, as compiled by John McDonald, GSE&IS Media Relations:



Civil Rights Project News Release

WYNC – The TakeAway (KPPC and national distribution)

School Segregation Getting Worse 65 years after Brown v Board of Education

The New York Times

Threatening the Future: The High Stakes of  Deepening School Segregation

Washington Post

The promise of historic Brown v. Board school desegregation ruling is ‘at grave risk,’ report says


Education, school segregation is getting worse

Education Dive

Study: School segregation persists 65 years after Brown decision

Politico  – Morning Education Report

Landmark Rulings Progress in Peril

ABC News

On Brown v Board of Education’s 65th anniversary, school segregation remains: Report

CBS News

65thAnniversary of Brown. School Segregation on the Rise

NBC News

65 years since Brown v. Board of Ed, school segregation persists

Mother Jones

On 65th Anniversary of Brown v. Board, School Segregation Is Alive and Well—Especially for Latinos

San Antonio Express

Integration progress incomplete 65 years after Brown

Chicago Sun Times

65 years after Brown v. Board of Education, We Risk Going Backward

Also: Common Dreams

The Progressive Pulse – NC Policy Watch

On its 65th anniversary, Brown v. Board of Education and school desegregation are in jeopardy

Post and Courier

Theres’s No Room for Dissent on Brown

WGBH  – All Revved Up

We have never reached the status of integration in schools

Kappan Online:

Racial makeup of schools 65 years after Brown

New York Times

Sanders Education Plan Renews Debate Over Charter Schools and Segregation


The report was also mentioned  at the beginning of the Opening Statement of Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (VA-03)

House Committee on Education and Labor Full Committee MarkupH.R. 2574 Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act & H.R. 2639 Strength in Diversity Act

The research has also been referenced by both Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris in their campaign statements on school segregation.