Horace Mann UCLA Community School Part of Universities’ Movement to Improve Schools

UCLA partnership with LAUSD seeks to enhance curriculum and teacher development, increase flagging enrollment at South LA middle school.

A story in the Los Angeles Times this week heralds the newly formed Horace Mann UCLA Community School as one of several projects formed by university partnerships with the Los Angeles Unified School District. Karen Hunter Quartz, research director for UCLA Community Schools, and Orlando Johnson, principal of Horace Mann UCLA Community School and a UCLA Ed & IS alumnus, were quoted in the article.

The LAUSD board approved Horace Mann Middle School’s partnership with UCLA In October. UCLA Ed faculty are on the school design team, planning curriculum and teacher development, while UCLA graduate student researchers co-teach classes and hold after-school seminars on safety, classroom instruction, and school climate. Doctoral students are teaching math, and UCLA undergraduates are serving as tutors to Mann students.

The Horace Mann UCLA Community School is the second partnership between LAUSD and the University. The first UCLA Community School opened in 2009 on the campus of Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, and has increased the number of college-bound high school graduates by 99 percent.

To read the Los Angeles Times article on Horace Mann UCLA Community School, click here.