In the News: April 2017

UCLA's public scholarship includes the social cost of school segregation, teaching awareness of fake news in schools, the loss of Black lives, and the handling of objectionable online content.

Gary Orfield: The High Cost of Racial and Economic Segregation
Quoted by NBC News, April 2, 2017


Jeff Share: Seeking Multiple Points of View Separates Fake News From Fact
Quoted by The Washington Post, April 6, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Transparency Needed to Support Commercial Content Moderation Workforce
Interviewed by Usbek & Rica, April 6, 2017


Pedro Noguera: What’s Campus Protocol for Suspicious Individuals?
Interviewed by KPCC-FM’s “Air Talk,” April 11, 2017


Pedro Noguera: Students in Remedial College Courses Still High Despite Rising HS Grad Rate
Quoted by The Los Angeles Times, April 12, 2017


Daniel Losen: Empathetic School Discipline Needs More Training, Support, and Funding
Quoted by The Christian Science Monitor, April 12, 2017


Pedro Noguera: LAUSD A-G Completion Rates a Sign of Progress
Quoted by The 74 Million, April 6, 2017


GSE&IS: Girls-Only Education Boosts Students’ Confidence Level
Featured in Middle East North Africa Financial Network, April 6, 2017


Ramesh Srinivasan: Sizing Up the Global Village
Featured in Forbes, April 13, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Horrendous Crime Footage on Social Media Raises Questions on Content Moderation Policies
Quoted by The Guardian, April 17, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Objectionable Online Content Takes Hours to Remove
Quoted by, April 17, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Process of Review of Disturbing Online Content Starts with the Public
Quoted by, April 17, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Cleveland Murder Video Forces Scrutiny at Facebook
Quoted by The Wall Street Journal, April 17, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: The Public is First Line of Defense Against Disturbing Content
Interviewed by KCBS-TV, April 18, 2017


Safiya U. Noble: On Losing Black Lives
Commentary in No More Potlucks


Sarah T. Roberts: Facebook Doesn’t Consider Social Implications of Social Media
Quoted by De Tijd/L’Echo, April 22, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Users, Social Platforms Should Be Responsible for Policing Content
Quoted by Morning Consult, April 26, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: The Secret Lives of Google Raters
Quoted by Ars Technica, April 27, 2017


Marcelo Suárez-Orozco: Former Professor Remembers Wasserman Dean as a “Brilliant Student”
Featured in Berkeley News, April 28, 2017