In the News: December 2017

This month's public scholarship includes progress in the desegregation of schools; the privatization of the internet; and the role of oppression in sexual assault on college campuses.

Jessica Harris: Power-conscious Approaches to Campus Sexual Violence
Commentary in Inside Higher Education, December 1, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Drug Safety YouTubers Face Quiet Crisis at the Mercy of Algorithms
Quoted by Wired, December 9, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Internet Content Moderators Don’t Escape Unscathed
Quoted by The Atlantic, December 15, 2017


UCLA IDEA: Teaching Civility in the Age of Trump
Featured in Citylab, December 18, 2017


Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles: School Segregation Declining in D.C.
Featured in The Washington Post, December 19, 2017


Gary Orfield: How OC Latino Families Sparked Desegregation
Quoted by KPCC, December 21, 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Public Unaware That the Internet is Not a Democracy
Interviewed by Logic, December 2017


Sarah T. Roberts: Tens of 1,000s Make Up Online Content Moderation Workforce
Quoted by The Wall Street Journal, December 27, 2017