InterActions: Student-Edited Journal Issue Focuses on the Archival Lens

Anne Gilliland, Associate Dean of UCLA Information Studies, and graduate students Gracen Brilmyer and María Montenegro, co-edit special issue.

The InterActions editorial team presents its latest publication of the student-led journal, “[mis]representation, [dis]memory, & [re]figuring the archival lens.” This special issue is co-edited by Gracen Brilmyer, María Montenegro and Professor and Associate Dean of UCLA Information Studies Anne J. Gilliland.

Focusing predominantly on visual archives and also the visual nature of archival materials, this special issue has its origins in presentations given at the Kenneth Karmiole Symposium in Archival Studies, which was held at UCLA’s Information Studies Department in January, 2018. Both the symposium and this special issue brought together individuals from a range of academic, artistic, activist, and other backgrounds whose work addresses some conceptualization of the Archive or archives. The issue features academic articles, personal refections, photo essays and a VR piece, each of which seek to explore, reimagine and emancipate the representation of those who are the subjects of archival material.

You can view or download the issue online at this link.