Julie Flapan: New State Budget Can Address Computer Science Inequity

Co-written commentary for EdSource highlights need to equip teachers and schools in the wake of remote learning shortfalls in the pandemic.

A commentary for EdSource by Julie Flapan, director of the Computer Science Equity Project at UCLA Center X, and Allison Scott, chief executive officer at Kapor Foundation, discusses how the proposed California state budget for quality computer science education can address longstanding educational and career inequities that were magnified by remote learning in the pandemic.

“Gov. Gavin Newsom has long championed computer science education and the role education plays in securing California’s future in the global economy,” wrote Scott and Flapan, who serve as co-directors of the Computer Science for California Coalition (CSforCA). “In his proposed state budget for 2021-22, the governor doubled down on quality computer science education — including $15 million to certify and train more than 6,000 teachers in computer science, funding for a full-time position at the California Department of Education to coordinate computer science statewide and additional money to support the Educator Workforce Investment Grant, which provides professional learning opportunities for computer science teachers.

“Newsom’s budget proposal has the potential to address inequities in education, while proactively investing in the preparation of a computationally literate future workforce. The new funding equips our teachers and schools to tackle this divide head-on — improving and supporting computer science education so our students aren’t left even further behind.”

To read, “Make good on California’s commitment to equity — fund computer science classrooms” by Julie Flapan and Alison Scott, visit the EdSource website.