Latest issue of UCLA Ed&IS Magazine

The UCLA Ed&IS Magazine highlights the public scholarship of its Education and Information Studies faculty.  Available in print and online, the magazine digs into the work of the faculty and staff to share their research and expertise on a range of issues shaping the future of education and information studies in the 21st Century.

The magazine is part of the school’s expanding effort to further knowledge and promote public scholarship in a way that engages just not students and scholars, but also the press, policymakers and the public.

This issue’s cover story highlights Earl Edwards, who was homeless as a youth, but is now a doctoral student conducting research to improve pathways to success for homeless youth and children. Additional stories include a Q&A with professor Johanna Drucker who provides insight into the scholarship and work that makes Information Studies one of the top programs in the field. The article on the research of Presidential Chair in Educational Equity Sandra Graham will help you to better understand why we as a school are so our committed to diversity. We also take a look at the cutting edge research of faculty members Professor Rashmita Mistry, who has been researching ways to understand ways to promote children’s understanding of wealth, poverty, and civic engagement, and assistant professor Jessica Harris, whose has been studying sexual violence on campus. And our commitment to the success of diverse communities can be seen in the work of Professor Linda Sax, who leads the BRAID Research Initiative’s efforts to understand how colleges and universities can ensure more women and minorities pursue degrees and careers in computer science. There is also a profile of Presidential Chair Christine Borgman, Examining the Complexities of Data-Sharing as well as an excerpt of her book “Big Data, Little Data, No Data: Scholarship in the Networked World.”


Articles will also be published on the Sudikoff Public Forum’s “Knowledge That Matters” new website.

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