Ozan Jaquette: Leading Public Universities Target Affluent, Out-of-State Students

New study shows recruiting practices due in part to state budget cuts.

A new study conducted by Ozan Jaquette, assistant professor in the Higher Education & Organizational Change division of UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies; Crystal Han, UCLA data scientist and alumna; and Karina Salazar of the University of Arizona, finds that certain flagship public universities, in search of higher revenue, are recruiting more out-of-state students from wealthy communities than low-income students and students of color in their own states. These recruiting practices, resulting in part from years of state budget cuts that have forced universities to rely more heavily on tuition and fees, amounts to “a startling degree of socioeconomic and racial bias.”

To read, “Recruiting the Out-of-State University” in the Sudikoff Institute Public Forum, visit this link.