Sarah T. Roberts: The Great Value of a UCLA IS Degree

IS professor shares the potential of her students, UCLA's high-level preparation and training, and the wide variety of fields where UCLA IS grads lead.

Professor Sarah T. Roberts’ keynote for a daylong symposium to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of UCLA Information Studies delineated a variety of opportunities for highly employable graduates of the program. She stated that UCLA IS students and alumni are sought after in the information fields for their innovative research and high-level preparation, which regularly lands them leadership positions in a wide range of information fields, including architecture, museums, and entertainment.

“We must enact and ensure our commitment to enlarging representation and access to this field,” Roberts said. “We need a greater diversity of voices and experiences at the table to bring equity and access and a broadening of ways of knowing and understanding information to the fore. This of course, includes greater inclusion of underrepresented people in racial, socioeconomic, gender and sexuality, ability, and other realms. It means shifting and decentering normative, privileged positions that are a part of our field, our history, and our contemporary practice as well. We need to make … a powerful case for our field, for its value, and for its values, to those that need it, and that may constituencies that don’t realize that they do.”

Robert’s groundbreaking work on commercial content moderation inspired the award-winning documentary, “The Cleaners,” which is nominated for an Academy Award this year.

To view Professor Roberts’ keynote from the UCLA Information Studies 60th Anniversary Symposium, visit this YouTube link.