The Conscience of Our Nation: On the Derek Chauvin Verdict

A Message from the Wasserman Dean

Dear Ed&IS Community,

Today’s verdict in the wrongful death of George Floyd draws to a close a horrific event in our nation—an event that came to symbolize deep seated racism and inequitable treatment of Black Americans. We stand alongside those who suffer injustices and we walk alongside those who courageously fight against injustice—in spirit and in action. Ours is a community of compassion born from an understanding of our common humanity and a deep-seated reverence for our diversity.

While we take solace in today’s verdict much work needs to be done. The many other events of this past year alone are indications of the continued injustices against Black Americans and People of Color. And these injustices have seemingly continued since the horrific beating of Rodney King three decades ago—another event that came to symbolize racism and brutality in our nation.  We might ask, what have we achieved in forty years? An honest assessment will perhaps not reveal a flattering picture.

On this day when a judgment was meted out in harmony with the conscience of our nation, I invite you to join me, as I know you will, in a recommitment to our values and our struggle against the many injustices, inequities and racisms that still haunt us. Forty years hence forth, let not those who follow us say, we failed yet again. Let that judgment also be one that is harmony with our true humanity.  

In peace, Tina