UCLA Lab School: All-Class Reunion Draws Lab School Alums From Nearly All Decades

"Back To Your Roots" reconnected students, teachers, and coaches with their formative years at research-based UCLA school.

On May 18 — coinciding with UCLA Alumni Day and the kick-off celebration of UCLA’s Centennial year—the UCLA Lab School hosted its first ever “Back To Your Roots” all-class reunion, bringing together teachers, parents, and alumni of all ages. Tina Gainsboro even represented her class from the 1930s, when the Lab School was known as the State Normal School and located on the Vermont Avenue campus, currently the site of LA City College.

Tina Gainsboro, a 1930s alumna of UCLA Lab School – then known as Corrine A. Seeds University Elementary School (UES), visits with Principal Georgia Lazo at the school’s “Back to Your Roots” all-alumni reunion on May 18.


Guests started out by exploring the campus, fondly experiencing their favorite old spots and classrooms once again as well as discovering newly improved facilities and added spaces. They then connected with former classmates, teachers, and coaches in the beautiful redwood forest where they spent their formative years, evoking many special memories. Principal Georgia Lazo addressed the crowd reflecting on the deep and unwavering affinity shared amongst alumni and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to swap Lab School stories, old and new. The Alumni Committee—represented this evening by parent and alumni members Carly Eskin, Jennifer Wells Green, Heidi Lindelof, Nikki Parrish, Joyce Rangen, Nina Vir, and Andrew Weiss—emphasized the value of connectedness among the community and encouraged alumni to join their efforts to promote engagement. To cap off the evening, guests made their way up to Royce Hall to enjoy the spectacular “Lighting the Way” light and sound projection celebrating UCLA 100!


Above: Graduates of UCLA Lab School stroll through the halls at the Westwood campus.

All photos by Todd Cheney, UCLA


Alumni visited their former classrooms on the historic UCLA Lab School campus, which was designed through a collaboration between prominent 20th Century architects Richard Neutra, Robert Alexander, and Barton Phelps.


UCLA Lab School alumni tour their former library.


A group of UCLA Lab School alumni gather outside Gregg G. Juárez Community Hall.


Alumni Committee members represent nearly all decades of UCLA Lab School alumni.


Derek Lazzaro, representing the Class of ’95, shares his memories of UCLA Lab School with friends and family.


A rainy day on the UCLA campus did not deter alumni, family, and friends from enjoying their trip down Memory Lane – with umbrellas in hand.


Three generations of the Friedman family recall their time at UCLA Lab School.


Alumni enjoy reconnecting in the Redwood Forest that helped shape their memories of UCLA Lab School.