New Issue of XChange Highlights Culturally Relevant Teaching

Guest editors Nancy Parachini and Tyrone Howard present writings on teaching that capitalizes on students' cultural assets, strengths.

The new issue of XChange, the online annual journal of UCLA’s Center X, is now online. Guest editors Tyrone Howard, professor of education and director of Center X and the Black Male Institute, and Nancy Parachini, director of the Principal Leadership Institute, present writings by students, faculty, and alumni of UCLA’s Department of Education, as focused on culturally relevant teaching that builds on the cultural assets of all learners.

Articles include “Critical Media Education and Radical Democracy” by Douglas Kellner, professor of education and Jeff Share, faculty advisor, Teacher Education Program; “Urban Schools: Teacher Preparation for Diversity” by Karen Hunter Quartz, director of research at Center X and UCLA Community School; and “Hearing Footsteps in the Dark: African American Students’ Descriptions of Effective Teachers” by Howard. Student contributions include “An exploration of the impact of critical math literacies and alternative schooling spaces on the identity development of high school-aged Black males in South Los Angeles” by Clarence La Mont Terry, and “Classroom-In-Residence: Artwork Created by UCLA Community School Sixth Graders.”

To read the Spring 2013 issue of XChange, click here.